Are you ready to make a change and create your dream home?

Good for you! How exciting! This is the best thing for us to hear! We here at LFI truly believe that when you love your home, the rest of your life changes for the better!

Is your house or building something special, something magic?

Because of our schedule, and our sanity ;), we have to be selective of the projects we are taking on. If your house is magical, unique, special or NEEDS to be these things then you are who we want to talk to!

Do you have great style?

Or let’s face it, do you WANT to have great style.


Do you understand and have a clear vision of what’s good looking, but have no idea how (or time) to do it?


Do you love and appreciate vintage, soul, texture, warmth and pieces that are perfectly imperfect?

Then We are perfect for each other.

Are you able to give up control and let us do our thang?

This is important! You will be involved all along the way, you will be our main inspiration guide and will approve all of our moves before we do them! However, at some point you will need to trust us in order for us to get the job done right for ya.

Are you interested in and ready to do your entire home?

We are only taking on jobs that are most of the house. We don’t need to do every nook and cranny, though we will if you let us! But we need to do enough for our work to create an impact for you.

We want to do something we can be proud of and share with the world!

So you said YES to all of our questions, huh? That would be considered a perfect score! Nice work! Ok, let’s dig into this, shall we?

Complete the form below and someone from the LFI team will be in touch.