Vintage Wallpaper Collage

When I stumbled upon The Cottage not only could I see its potential but I could also see it was full of treasures that were begging to be used. Treasures like a gorgeous marble chessboard that now serves as a cheeseboard. Or, this bag full of vintage wallpaper (one of my favorite finds of all time). When I opened that bag it felt like I hit the jackpot!

I took the vintage wallpaper scraps and collaged them together on the walls of the master bedroom, making the textured wall of my dreams. Then I tied it all together and gave it that cozy lived-in feel by covering it all lightly with a “grout wash.” I was going for the feeling that the wallpaper had always been there—and in some ways, I guess it had.

Read on for all our tips and tricks on how to recreate this look for yourself.

Here’s the process:


  • Wallpaper scraps, the more the merrier! Torn/uneven ends = MORE TEXTURE
  • Mod Podge in the matte or glossy finish (depending on the look you want)
  • Paint brush
  • Optional: drywall mud diluted with water or white paint diluted with water
  1. Use the brush to apply an even layer of Mod Podge to the back of the wallpaper scraps and apply to the wall
    Tip: You can leave some edges torn/not completely adhered to the wall for a perfectly imperfect look, overlapping edges can be treated with extra Mod Podge if desired
    Tip: Change up pattern/color/shape of adjacent wallpaper scraps for a unique look.
  2. Once the Mod Podge is dry apply diluted white paint/diluted drywall mud using large strokes in random directions. Tip: Pay special attention to the joints where different wallpaper pieces meet to make the transitions more subtle.
  3. Once dry repeat Step 2 until you are happy with the level of whitewashing.
  4. Optional: Seal with a clear matte sealer to protect your masterpiece!