The Shelfie

I am known for my trinkets – and the shelves I put them on! So this week on instagram, I am highlighting some of my more recent “Shelfies”.  I also wanted to spill a few tricks of the trade on how to get that perfect shelfie look.

Bring In Height //

By adding in taller objects with shorter ones you can create a beautiful balance and layer your trinkets.

Something Reflective //

Mirrors or glass works perfectly for this – even something framed.

Something Natural //

Placing in some wood or even plants or floral arrangements creates some natural textures that make it beautiful.

Layer //

Make it casual, like you just placed the items on top of each other – effortless is the way to go here.

Make it Imperfect //

This isn’t a puzzle and there is no right or wrong – don’t worry about making it perfect or precious.

It’s YOURshelf //

Put things that you love and make you happy when you see them – personal photos, good books, colors that soothe you.

Throw in Everyday //

If the shelf is in your kitchen use pretty utensils, spices, matches, candles. If it’s in the office put a cup of pens, or a chalkboard.

Make it a Bar //

Who needs a bar cart when you’ve got a SHELF! Throw on your favorite spirits, mixes, and vessels to serve them in and you’ve got your “shelf” a party. ha ha

The most important thing about creating a shelfie is making it yours and making it live with you!