SureCrete Wall Process


We did a post years ago (during season 1 of “Restored By The Fords”) on how to do SureCrete Walls. We featured this method in several of the homes and continue to use it as a go-to textural wall finish that we LOVE!

In the last episode of “Home Again with the Fords” we brought it back and wanted to share how to get this look! This is where your inner designer can shine – trust yourself and just have fun with it. The texture isn’t perfect – and that’s what makes this wall process unique. So don’t even aim for perfection! (Life motto anyone?)

Here’s the process:


  1. We start by using the MicroTek™ One Coat Micro Topping (which is a thin concrete overlay mix that can be applied on floors and walls) in white and the WhiteWater Color Pack to make it extra white.
  2. Using a 5-gallon bucket, we add half the MicroTek™ One Coat bag with half of the WhiteWater Color Pack and start adding water slowly and mixing as we go. We don’t have an exact amount of water but keep adding until you get the consistency of pancake batter. You really can’t mess it up too much so use your design instincts with this one and just make sure the final texture is something you can spread – as Steve puts it: “Like Peanut Butter”.
  3. We put some of the SureCrete mix into a paint pan and use drywall knives to spread the mixture over the wall.
  4. Start from the bottom of your desired wall and using your drywall knife, pull the mix straight up the wall – we like to fan it out as we go for added texture. Have fun with it – it’s YOUR wall and the different methods make for an interesting and unique finish. No wall turns out the same – somewhat like our lime wash method here.
  5. The final step is to go back after the mixture sets and with a drywall knife and break off spots where the texture has built up too much for your liking. You could even use a small piece of coarse sandpaper to even it out. TEXTURE IS GOOD so don’t be too precious!
  6. Once this is done, we use Thompson’s Concrete Sealer to seal it (especially in bathrooms). Be sure to follow the directions as given on the package.

And NO, this post isn’t sponsored by SureCrete. But we sure should be!

In fact, I’m pretty sure I use it “incorrectly” but man, it’s so good.