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6 Interior Designers’ Favorite Rooms & How To Get The Look

“This is a room I did for an amazing and inspired young family in Columbus, OH. The owner told me they had thrown away all their ‘junk’ when they moved into this place and wanted to live minimalist. What I did was really the antithesis of what you think you should. I found them a TON of treasures, knick knacks, and stuff and filled the shelves up to the top! What keeps it feeling clean and still simple is the color story. By using everything within the whites, creams, blacks, metallics and natural tones, it still feels calming to the eye. And, their little boys LOVE looking on the shelves for new treasures. We filled the entire bottom row with wood for their fireplace. I will forever love them as clients for letting me put a metallic accented white shag rug and twig chairs in their living room! It takes guts to take a room decor that far out of what’s ‘normal’ and ‘safe.’

—Leanne Ford