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No-Spend Styling Tips For When You’re Sick Of Your Apartment

You’ve got nowhere to go. You’ve watched all the even just-okay movies on Netflix. And, your heating company is taking all your money, I get it. The answer? Redecorate — without spending a dime.

Sounds crazy, maybe, but there are plenty of tricks to revamping your space without buying anything new. I spent many years being a very poor, creative fashion girl in New York City and then Los Angeles. Even though I was eating eggs and pita three times a day, I would always make sure my place looked — and, more importantly, felt — great. Now, though I am older and more established (and thankfully have money to buy real furniture), I still have that scrappy girl in me that figures out ways to make something out of nothing. I can thank my big brother for watching too much MacGyver

— I think that may have made me the interior designer I am today. MacGyver might have turned a paper clip into a bomb, but I am turning it into some artwork for the walls.

Ahead, my eight ideas for restyling without leaving your warm home to buy a single thing.