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These Are the 10 Most Stunning New Wedding Venues in the World

Opinion: Venue is the single most important decision you’ll make about your wedding. After all, sense of place dictates everything from dress code to decor theme to how many of your parents’ friends you can physically fit in the joint (sorry, Mom). Hence our excitement over The Venue Report’s list of the hottest wedding venue openings around the globe. Below, ten of the buzziest spaces on the list, from an elegant hacienda in upstate New York to a high-design chapel in Texas. Keep scrolling—then head over to the Venue Report for the full, gorgeous rundown.

Fancy yourself a purist? This Leanne Ford-designed chapel and event space, located just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, offers up minimalist charm and Pinterest-perfect natural lighting. Better still, with a canvas this blank, it’s ready for some bold event design.