The Sunset Project

This is the Venice, CA home that I had the honor to rent and live in for about three years. The owner and her architect, Charles Ward, did an incredible job on the house. Really, all I had to do was throw my favorite furniture on in there! This home gave me a new love for California living, for earth tones and for neutral colors. I had some important living, some major moments, and some killer dance parties in this place and was sad, but ready, to leave it... but you know what they say, "... the road goes on forever and the party never ends!"


Leanne Ford


Douglas Lyle Thompson


A simple kitchen design and neutrals. These mid century barstools were the perfect shape, size and height, but their upholstery wasn't my thing. Instead of spending time and money to reupholster I just threw on a mix of vintage and Ikea and sheepskins to cover and warm it up. Notice the raised concrete counters designed by Charles Ward. So cool! This concrete bench was a perfect breakfast nook to put my gold tulip table in. I bought this old white set years ago and spray painted it, but it was too bright gold and I didn't love it, so I put it outside. And a year later it now has the most incredible patina to it. So it made its way back inside. Very Wabi Sabi of me! ;) With a space this beautiful, simple is better. They gutted and opened up an old California bungalow, exposed the rafters and used concrete and stucco throughout. I put the facing sofas right in the middle of the house, so that when you walk in you feel welcome. I loved pulling the tones of the house in with the furniture. Black leather, brown leather, woods, whites, and cremes. Tom Ford the Dog makes his interior design debut! How's this for a cozy nook? I set this little corner of the main room up to sleep 3! Which sometimes meant five... we've had some great slumber parties in here. I just filled it with mattresses and pillows and tons of bedding. I think I'll always make a nook for guests and rainy days from now on. Yum. Take me back to world's coziest bed. A simple bedroom with a simple side table and one of my favorite seagrass chairs. The yarn art hanging off the lights was a gift from a great friend! The colors worked perfectly in that space. The cremey concrete walls of this Charles Ward house have been inspiration for many interior design projects since. There are so many different versions of art. Some you save up for for years, and then some are cheap and creative ways to express yourself and fill your walls! I loved this wall in my Venice, CA house. The Mick picture is ripped out of an old Rolling Stones Magazine and the mountains was commissioned by my dear friend Odessa. I pinned a roll of kid's art paper from Ikea up wall to wall and told her to bring her pen and pencils over. We got to talking about life so she never did finish it, which might make me love it more.

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