The Sunset Guesthouse Project

This project was my first (failed!) attempt at Air Bnb in Venice, CA. Long story... This was my guest house. A simple easy space. I didn't do too good at hosting, but I sure enjoyed decorating the place ... white on white on white


Leanne Ford


Chuck Willis

Design Notes

I commissioned the neon from my guy Gary at Hollywood neon based on a Beach Boys line and a friend's tattoo. What a good life motto. I found these amazing large format prints for 40 bucks or something like that online... different artists submit their work and it's printed with simple paper and ink. Such a great idea for inexpensive art. I bought a ton of them. The kitchenette was perfect and easy for a guest house. There's something nice about a tiny kitchen. I actually loved decorating with an old fashioned refrigerator! Went out and bought me some magnets and everything... My ever expanding inspiration wall in travels with me from house to house, it is filled with people and pictures that I love. If you love looking at it, put it up on the wall. That simple. Tape, pins, nails, paper clips, binder clips, whatever gets the job done. Nothing a little patching and painting can't fix later! (Or in my case a LOT of patching...)

About This Project