The School House Project

The house, and bathroom, that started it all...This project was my very first Interior Design ever, for my very first home in Pittsburgh that ended up, thanks to some awesome friends, in Country Living Magazine. This interior design of this project came fully out of necessity in a small space. This is a two bedroom home, to maximize space we ripped out all of the crawl space and a couple of walls. What happened next was pretty magic. I can absolutely say this project is why you are on this site in the first place. WOOT WOOT. ;)


Leanne Ford


Max Kim Bee

Design Notes

The kitchen has seen a lot of living! (not so much cooking...) Opening up the low ceiling and taking the drywall down was the best / worst decision for the space, but after three coats of paint we did ourselves... pretty sure my neck was crooked for the next two weeks. The joy of interior design. We opened up the walls to the crawl space and used that to get a tub in. Everyone thought I was crazy. So did I. Turns out I knew what I was doing after all... Though I almost always make my homes all white, I sometimes sneak in a dark, small space somewhere. Usually in the powder room. This bathroom design was out of necessity. There was only one bathroom in the house (well two if you include the Pittsburgh toilet...) so we converted this coat closet into a half bath. It's also a good place to hide all the random colorful things that I love! We didn't have room for a double sink so this Kohler laundry sink was an awesome solution. We added a wooden shelf above it for all the treasures. The office in my Pittsburgh schoolhouse. I love an inspiration wall or two. Filled with people, pictures, phrases, and work that I love.

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