The Rolls Project

I loved working on this interior design project in Upstate New York. They had an incredible home and some great pieces ready to play with. We loaded up my truck and headed up to add special furniture, details and texture. Their home was already incredible and they had so many great pieces, but didn't know exactly what to do with them. They just needed me to help them with filling the home and with some oomph. My forte really... hence Lincoln in the logs.


Reid Rolls


Reid Rolls

Design Notes

This is my ever favorite color story! The woods, warm whites and beat up leather help warm up a modern space. Jessica, the homeowner, being the creative soul she is, had an old pair of beat up Wassily chairs and just painted them, like a canvas. They had a whole new life after that. And notice Lincoln popping out from behind the logs! I wanted a little touch of interest in there. So when the fires start rolling and the logs get used up, Lincoln peaks out! Those of you who know me know I love myself a good chair. A lot. Every size, shape, color, texture, style and fabric. But there's just nothing like a good old leather club chair. It works in newer spaces just as well as older spaces, have you noticed? I love the warmth and texture this brimfield find gives to clean walls and concrete floors. Side note: hang art low by your chair if you have a spot. Mainly just 'cause it's fun. I love putting a bar in design jobs. Even if a bottle is never cracked, it creates a welcoming environment to guests. Says, “Come in, stay a while...” PLUS liquor bottles are just so darn beautiful. I like to put the bar in fun places too, like in this bookshelf among the books. When doing a bar don’t forget to add some height, some interest and some humor. Mix fun trinkets and random treasures into you bar to make it more personal. And in case of an emergency, drink up!

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