I have an affinity for doing bachelor pads. Can't help it, love helping cool guys make a cool place... (which usually immediately leads to getting a cool girlfriend... just saying.) My friend Erik Lang and I had the best time fixing up his Laurel Canyon spot in a whirlwind 48 hours. I dragged him along to all my interior design haunts in LA and we got his place bachelor pad ready in no time!


Erik Lang


Alexandra Ribar

Design Notes

We saw this awesome painted wall at Big Daddy's in LA and just LOVED it. We've since found out it was the work of Jonas Bergkvist and have been huge admirers of all of Jonas' art. My client, Erik said he wanted to do that to a wall in his house, and he wanted to do it himself. A little bonding, if you will, with his space and a way to make it his own. I love when clients get dirty and do some of the work on their own home. It helps them to "bond" with it, for lack of a better word. And every imperfection on this wall is what makes it so darn good! And check out that incredible boxing art that inspired the color story for the entire bachelor pad. Think we got you enough seating for your place yet Erik?? This was a fun solution to Erik's request for extra seating for when friends are over. We found a bunch of fun vintage chairs and lined them up on the back side of the sofa so that's what you see when you walk in. They are definitely good looking enough to be on display! And add a fun dimension to an open room. Almost makes a sort of hallway... The view is incredible in Laurel Canyon, so we just added more greenery to bring the outside in. Not to mention the incredible lantern light!! When you have a rental you can do a LOT with just a fresh coat of paint and swapping out the lighting. So don't overlook it. (Just don't forget to take it with you when you go!)

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