The Frerotte Project

I love this Pittsburgh interior design project for the Frerotte family. The texture on the ceiling was made using the underside of the old wood floors. This is the perfect kitchen design for a family that loves to cook and entertain. Designed and built in cahoots with the great Midland Architecture. This kitchen design has been one of my most popular interior design projects to date!


Leanne Ford


Alexandra Ribar

Design Notes

The kitchen design is simple, utilitarian and lovely. We skipped the kitchen island and did a large handmade wood table in the middle of the room instead! Above the table, we hung matching Restoration Hardware chandeliers next to each. Notice the double sinks too. This was a FUN one! In the custom shelving by Midland I used all of the client's personal pieces on these shelves, pulling from every room in the house to make the space feel lived in and personal. I also love this chandelier handmade by Cleveland Art in Ohio. So good. The bathroom design for Frerotte's is my personal HEAVEN... I love being jealous of my clients. This one is up there with maybe favorite ...ever.... A huge tub and an arched double shower designed with Midland.

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