The Farmhouse Project

When the editors of Domino Magazine told me they were shooting my house for the Color Issue I had to laugh because... well... I'm not quite known for my color... but wait... maybe I am. Isn't white the combination of all colors combined? That might sum me up perfectly. So many lives, so many styles, all living together. In (almost) total harmony.


Leanne Ford


Nicole Franzen

Design Notes

We put custom concrete counters on Ikea cabinets and found brass hardware for it! I love customizing Ikea kitchens. They are quick, easy, budget friendly and efficient! Just make sure you add your own style to them!... f my favorite #treasures there! As well as the very old bottle of #champagne that I found in the house during the renovation! Thinking this may be a good time to crack it open and #celebrate! I had an old canvas laying around forever and couldn't bring myself to throw it away because I always loved the creme color of it. One day I just nailed it to the wall and called one of my favorite artist friends Alexandra Gracik and asked her to come over with her charcoal to draw whatever the heck she wanted! I'm going to keep this canvas forever now! Oh and the excessively heavy bed frame made by brother and the gang. Looks beautiful... bad idea... you should have seen three guys bringing the 10 by 10 pieces up one at a time. Oops. PIVOT! The #ShowerCurtain is an old Hobie Sail (an ode to my days being a camp counselor. And the tub and fixtures came out of a friend's old house. It's a perfect example of how things can look so different depending on where they live. This tub looked dated and old in her old bathroom, and didn't fit the vibe, but it looks fresh and fun in this space. When I bought this farmhouse this was a dark, scary attic with pull down steps. As soon as we walked up there I saw the rafters and beams and knew this was going to be my dream office. Just add white.

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