The Eberle Project

This project is a gorgeous Huntington Beach house that I was lucky enough to work on for the Eberle family. She came to me with a ton of ideas and an inspiring creative vision. We worked together to create her dream home. I loved doing this house. It felt more like an art project than an interior design project!


Eberle Family


Josh Franer

Design Notes

The front doors were a find, we painted them glossy black without sanding or cleaning them first in order to keep the texture. We also commissioned artist Carolyn Kelly to splash paint the front steps. I love how it all turned out. ...WhiteOnWhiteOnWhite in the beautiful master bedroom creates a simple and clean space. When you're doing white the key is texture! I love this white brick and wood combination. I use cowhides in a lot of my projects because they fit any shape and size. Here I layered two to for a longer space. They are also very durable and can handle mess and traffic.

About This Project