This is the bachelor pad that I designed for my big brother in Pittsburgh. It was fun to do such a masculine and dark space. Of course I made him do all of the hard work. ...If only you could have seen the before!!!


Steve Ford


Christina Emilie

Design Notes

We painted the very old and destroyed wooden floors glossy black and added the dreamiest gray Eames shell chairs. Steve had this surf print from his clothing store which he lived above. I stole it and brought it upstairs. Steve made this custom table so we could create a dining room within the loft space. Also, so he could dance on it. We found these incredible bucket chairs for cheap at Construction Junction in Pittsburgh. We used a bunch of our dad's old anatomy charts to fill the large wall space. Just nailed them right in the wall without a frame. They're simple and neutral and connected to our family. Painting the trim black on the windows made a huge difference in this space. We hung Grandpa's Mid Century Modern chandelier in a place of honor! The wall where the old fireplace was once upon a time has been sadly covered for years. But since this is a rental and we couldn't open it back up, we covered it in wood and added a mantle to give it new life and texture. Every good bachelor pad deserves a good bar cart. The key to always having a stocked bar is to mix in what you do drink with some pretty liquor of stuff you don't actually drink... my interior design tip of the day. ;)

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