The Crotty Project

I had the honor of designing this incredible home for the Crotty family in Columbus, Ohio They had already had an amazing and fully complete renovation done to their historical German Village home, but had not a LICK of furniture. That's where I came in!


Crotty Family


Genevieve Garuppo


Lonny Magazine

Design Notes

This house is a great example of what to do when minimalists have built-ins. I filled the shelves, but kept a consistent color story with the rest of the room, and house. I gave the Crotty family their homework and asked them to paint their hand-me-down piano white to give it fresh life in their family room… and now I'm jealous. We made most of the art in the family room ourselves! We bought some new canvas, used creme paint, electrical tape, and a sharpie! Their incredible kitchen and custom made island was already beautiful and ready when I arrived. I was thrilled to work with this beautiful space, adding the little details and some fun art, which we hung higher than normal. As you can see, I kept it simple and minimal for them.

About This Project