The Allen Project

I love designing a good Bachelor Pad. This one in Silverlake is especially special to me... seeing as it was for my favorite then bachelor, my now husband.


Erik Allen


Seth Gudmunso

Design Notes

In general, I love framing anything but/and I also love just pinning it straight to the wall. It gives the space a more casual design feeling. The imperfection helps a space feel less “done” by an interior designer and more curated by the homeowner. I want to disappear into the background in my projects One of the things I loved about Erik’s place when I first saw it was the excessive piles of books he had everywhere. I didn't change much about how they were stacked up but I just put an old science table right on over them. So he could stack more. We added a vintage Knoll office chair for his home office. Erik had this awesome kitchen table in his place already but had trouble finding the right bar stools for it. We found these gems in New York and had Olde Good Things send them on over! Oh! And we did a black ceiling just to add a little oomph. When you have a curated closet this good looking you SHOULD have open shelving.

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