The Pickler & Ben Project

Had the absolute pleasure of doing a surprise makeover on the Pickler and Ben show for an amazing family in Nashville. A HUGE thank you to Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron for having me.


Pickler & Ben


Alyssa Rosenheck

Design Notes

Dunaway Construction in Nashville made this amazing room happen in 12 hours! What?? The gorgeous art is by the great Angela Allen and the furniture by the always dreamy Mitchell Gold + Bob WIlliams. The amazing chandelier is from by Hermitage Lighting in Nashville. Man, I love that town! Everyone was incredible. It takes a VILLAGE is an understatement. This beautiful mirror fireplace was the focal point and inspiration for our family room makeover. It was a sentimental gift that the owner had and wanted to keep. I love it and went with it. We brought in the shine and Hollywood vibe of the fireplace with this incredible leather and velvet furniture.

About This Project