Luna Bridal

Luna is the beautiful brainchild and second shop of Glitter and Grit in Sewickley, PA. I was honored when she asked me to create the space with her. I loved her vision for it, moody and dark and 'No pink!' SO IN. ... What a beautiful creative outlet Luna gave me to play with.


Luna Bridal


Rose Colored Creative

Design Notes

We started by commissioning a custom, six foot, paper mache moon from Bones and All, a local artisan. We hang the lighting juuuuust so as to make it feel like stars hanging from the sky. The beat up chandelier in the dressing room is perfect to me. Fun fact: we sprayed the sprayed the sisal rugs gold in the space! This was the collective work of an incredible crew of woman that treated this interior design like the art project it was, it was a total dream.

About This Project