Flynne Skye Venice

Every once in a while I get to do a special commercial design project. This one is a Flynn Skye, a clothing store in Venice, Ca for one of my favorite women, Amber Farr. Her vibe in life and in her brand is cool, easy, pretty and laid back. It was fun to hone in on that for their first retail space. She said "Do your thing, but I want lots of plants." With pleasure, Amber. ;)


Flynn Skye // Venice Flagship Store


Genevieve Garruppo

Design Notes

Hanging plants, hanging dressing room, hanging dresses, hanging EVERYTHING. We wanted everything to be coming from the ceiling so the store felt like you were floating. Tons of greenery lives well with a clean and simple retail experience. Upstairs in the loft we wanted it to feel like you were hanging out at your coolest friends house. We commissioned this Life Motto in neon for the shop. The neon was commissioned backwards and hung opposite a huge mirror so you see it correctly in your reflection. #STAYWEIRD

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