I've had the pleasure of designing three stores and one School Bus for the Men's clothing line Buck Mason. These guys have the coolest easy aesthetic and it was a blast to work with them. My job was to translate their brand and their clothing style into their brick and mortar (and whatever you call a bus...) shops.


Buck Mason Venice Beach


Josh Franer

Design Notes

A good vintage record player and a perfect leather chair ... those have become two of the prerequisites for the Buck Mason interior space. FINE BY ME. The Buck Mason store is pretty much everything you wish your boyfriend's place would have looked like... A great turntable and the perfect leather chair make a space! In the Buck Mason store in Silver Lake on Sunset Ave. We ripped down all of the new drywall, ripped out all of the drop ceiling and painted it white. Even though it's painted, you can still feel all of the texture from years of life in there. Side note: that's my friend and I on the poster in Austin, TX! In front of the Broken Spoke, best honky tonk maybe ever. Those gorgeous rafters were hidden under drop ceiling in their Silver Lake store, we used vintage army fabric for the dressing rooms in the back, and Deter Fabrik helped make simple custom fixtures - an ode to what the owners made themselves for their first brick and mortar in Venice, CA. I love the simplicity of the space. And denim on denim...? Heart be still! And how's this for a one of a kind interior design project? The open road, a white-on-white school bus given new life as a mobile shop. Now that was fun! And this is what happens to the inside of a school bus when Buck Mason and Leanne Ford Interiors get together.

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