Plants, Pots & Vessels, Oh my!

If you haven’t noticed – I love my greenery – and I love what they go in even more. There is something about a beautiful brass pot and a fiddle leaf tree that is c’est magnifique!  Layering different foliage with different colored and textured vessels can really change any corner of a house and add height and color…almost like treating a room like a Shelfie (see this post for tips on creating the perfect Shelfie).

Tips For Great Pots & Plants:

  • Mix colors and metals – don’t just do all gold but add some copper, brass or silver – it will richen the look
  • Add different materials and textures – metals mixed with ceramics or even baskets. It creates a layered look with more depth
  • Size matter – so change it up! Small to medium they all play a part
  • Choose different greenery – some can be tall, some can fold over, others can be more tree-like. By mixing up it goes a long wake and make it more interesting.
  • Plants I like: Peace lily, banana leaf, fiddle leaf, monstera, succulents, ZZ Plant, donkey tail plant, dragon tree, and snake plant, to name a few

Ceramic Vessels


Metal Vessels