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Pittsburgh Siblings: Meet the Stars of ‘Restored by the Fords’

Leanne and Steve Ford’s new show on HGTV follows them as they restore older, unconventional homes around Pittsburgh.

The stars of HGTV’s new show, “Restored by the Fords,” didn’t always work in restoration and design.

While siblings Leanne and Steve Ford were growing up in Upper St. Clair, however, Leanne constantly rearranged and redecorated her bedroom. When she started living in rented homes, she worked to fix up and improve them. When the time came for her to purchase a home, she turned it into her first official project.

With help from Steve, a general contractor, she designed and renovated the home, which was featured in “Country Living” magazine and helped to kickstart both of their careers in home renovation.

Today, Leanne is an interior designer and the owner of Leanne Ford Interiors; she splits her time between Sewickley and Los Angeles. In addition to being a contractor, Steve, a South Side resident, is the owner of the clothing store Decade as well as Surf Pittsburgh. They work together and separately but agree some of their favorite work is that which they’ve done together.

“We both came to this business out of loving our hobby,” Leanne says.