5 Things to Know About HGTV’s Restored by the Fords Hosts Leanne and Steve Ford

Oh, brother — HGTV has another series we’re about to be obsessed with!

Restored by the Fords follows siblings Leanne and Steve Ford as they make over outdated houses in Pittsburgh, PA. Although integrating clean, modern looks for local families is certainly a plus, Leanne, the designer, and Steve, the contractor, are in it for more than just the pretty “After” photos.

“These beautiful old homes, a lot of times are torn down or the character is ripped out of them,” Leanne tells PEOPLE Now. “For me I think, however we can keep them alive and give them new life is what we’re aiming to do.”

As for their favorite part of their new day job, Steve says it’s “when I forget what it used to look like and it becomes something new. There’s a point where walls are torn down and we see what’s about to happen.”

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And while he might do the dirty work, he credits his sister’s vision for their successes. “Leanne sees that before me, we walk into a place and she sees it finished,” he says.

Here are five more facts you should know about the network’s newest hosts:

1. They were besties from the beginning.