Lime Wash like Leanne


I love a lime washed wall – it brings history, texture and some character to walls. The end result is this subtle but impactful texture that feels like its been there forever. It feels cozy but cool – like you did it by mistake, which I love. 

Below is a video showing the LFI technique of how we Lime Wash:

Some Notes:

  1. We use Portolo Paints Lime Wash!
  2. Prime your walls as directed by the Website 
  3. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way of doing this – over at team LFI we like to sing a little Kermit the frog while we brush it on like to rainbows.  The brush strokes show through, that’s on purpose so perfectionist’s beware.
  4. It goes on dark and dries light (tricks us too!) so don’t be scared, that’s normal!


About Lime Wash

  • It’s a traditional lime-based finish. 
  • Due to it’s high PH, Lime Wash also acts as a mild fungicide
  • It is eco-friendly – containing zero VOCs.
  • This organic and highly breathable finish makes Lime Wash ideal for historic restorations, interior and exterior masonry and drywall applications.
  • For drywall application, first prime with our Limeproof undercoat. For a wipeable surface, seal with Portola’s Matte Wall Sealer. 
  • Lime Wash is available in a broad range of stock and custom colors.


Living Room Wall + Ceiling Paint
Portola Roman Clay/Color: Yosemite

Kitchen Wall + Ceiling Paint 
Protola Lime Wash/Color: Darkside

Kitchen Cabinetry
PPG – Nevergreen