Jenni Kayne

Interior Designer Leanne Ford Gives Us a Tour of Her Renovated Farmhouse

Leanne Ford is an incredible interior designer who I recently started following. She uses a lot of white, black, and earthy textures in her homes, which I naturally love. Her spaces are also known for having lots of great vintage, rock ‘n’ roll details and big, masculine furniture while still being really pared down and modern. And there’s always a somewhat hidden place to rest or relax in all of her projects, which is fun. I love when designers use the architecture of a house to create private or cozy spaces.

Leanne lives here in Los Angeles most of the time but is currently stationed in her home-away-from-home, Pittsburgh. She has a new house there and is working on an interior design show with her brother as well. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the new space and sit down with Leanne to talk about the renovation process and more.