How to Quarantine Creatively.

Found yourself with some free time? Let’s try to lean in and and take advantage of it how we can. Here are some fun and quick DIY projects for you to try at home:

It’s about time you fill those empty shelves. Grab pretty pieces from around your house (books, candles, lamps, vases, frames) – I’m sure you’re hiding some cool stuff! Put up the things that make you smile and hold sweet memories. Have messy shelves? Declutter and simplify by adding a color story. Stick to 1-3 colors to help clean up the look. If you have any empty glass jars, fill them up with some wildflowers from your yard. Excited to see what your best #Shelfie is!

Dive into art.. I must say, drawing is a great way to relax. Ever and I did this one together. And by together I mean she crawled around while I drew on the floor. I call it “Warhol by Ford”

Gather up old photos, concert tickets, handwritten letters — anything that makes you smile and make a wall of inspiration and love. This is such a fun way to represent your passions and dreams. It also serves as a great reminder that good days are ahead!

Be safe. Have fun. Stay home!


Love, Lee