How to Style a Rug

I’m always receiving questions about areas rugs and how to style them. Common questions I receive are:

  • Can I place an area rug on carpet?
  • Can I layer rugs?
  • How do I place them with furniture?
  • What rugs work well in certain spaces?

There really are no rules, a lot of it is playing with space and the furniture. Using rugs that fit your style and make you happy are most important – then, play with them in the space. Below are a few examples of how to use different rugs and how to place them.

Love, Lee

P.S. Checkout the AMAZING new rugs from a favorite designer friend of mine Sarah Sherman Samuel x Lulu & Georgia

Layer Them

I love the look of a larger sisal or jute rug with a cool Moroccan rug over top. Moroccan rugs can be pricey but layering it under a smaller rug makes it work!

Use a Cowhide

In different shaped spaces with cool furniture I always lean towards a Cowhide. They have an abstract, non-perfect shape and can work in any space. You can build furniture around them and are a fool proof way to successfully have a rug in any space without being precious or perfect.

Place the Furniture on the Edge

There are many ways to place a large area rug in a living area under furniture. My go to trick is to make sure the front legs are on the edges. That way it looks purposeful and staged. OR you can have it in the middle and place an accent chair purposefully on the edge.