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Lighting Makes The Room

On choosing this paper globe to hang above the dining room table, Leanne Ford recently said “Ya know, I had been playing with a lot of different lighting options in the space. But the truth was everything I put over this table was taking away from everything ELSE amazing in this room. I didn’t want to block the kitchen or the living room area from sight when you walk in. So a very simple three-dollar paper lantern did the trick perfectly! Large enough to be special and impactful, but simple enough not to distract from everything else in the room.”

I feel like the name Leanne Ford has been in the air a lot recently. The fashion stylist turned interior designer is currently starring, along with her brother Steve Ford, in HGTV’s newest design show, Restored by the Fords, and is known for her minimal (when it comes to color) and modern, yet lived-in aesthetic. When I went searching for her portfolio, I immediately recognized her bathroom as one that I’ve saved or pinned multiple places.