Formica Brand Capsule Collection

I teamed up with Formica® Brand and created a capsule collection of surfaces that are inspired by natural elements and neutral colors, and can be used to create a timeless space! The aesthetics and the functionality of these surfaces delivers something for everyone, with the collection featuring It includes four new patterns and 10 of my personal favorites from across Formica’s versatile portfolio that can transform any space!

“I like to mix materials in my designs and to try new things in unexpected ways, Formica Corporation allowed me to play with a variety of patterns and colors in this collection. I hope that it inspires people to use these surfaces in fresh, innovative ways.”




What do you believe are some of the greatest advantages to using Formica in the home?

Well number one is budget friendly. So you can get the look of elements you might not otherwise be able to afford. Two is most of these surfaces are pretty much indestructible which people love.  But as I’m not the most “practical” designer those aren’t my favorite advantages. My favorite perk to Formica is what I can make with it. Experimenting with design, styles and shapes that couldn’t be done with real marble or wood that I can do with Formica is what excites me most about the product.

What’s something you feel a lot of people don’t know about Formica?

I think people are overlooking Formica as a design element in general. I blame the landlords for giving laminate a bad name. 😉 There really are beautiful, modern and clean options to play with outside of what we think of.

What makes the new Formica Laminate Nero Marquina design so special?

This is a crisp, modern, and cool marble pattern. I see this living well as a dining table or coffee table. I also love the idea of using this pattern as cabinet fronts. Just thinking of new ways to play with the material.

What are some new ways you want to try using Formica in design?

What thrilled me most about working with Formica and rediscovering their products as a designer was the never ending possibilities I get to play with.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with furniture design with Formica.

Photos by: Reid Rolls