Falling for a pristine midcentury home—and each other, Swoon

Conventional wisdom cautions against working with relatives—let alone someone you are dating. But for Erik Allen and Leanne Ford conventional wisdom doesn’t seem to apply.

Allen is the co-founder and co-CEO of Buck Mason, a menswear company that produces modern takes on classic clothes. Ford is the founder and creative force behind Leanne Ford Interiors. When Allen asked her to work interior magic in his Echo Park rental, Ford created a place so appealing, she says: “If I didn’t know him and I walked into that place, I’d have a crush on him.”

Although they’d collaborated on Buck Mason stores, working on a personal home might seem like a risky move to outsiders. To Allen, it made perfect sense. “There is a lot of design synergy between us, and our tastes and aesthetics are perfectly in line,” he says. “Although people might think it would be weird to work with a woman you’d been dating a year, to me it would have been weird if I’d hired anyone else.”