I find myself feeling truly grateful that my everyday life is filled with so much action and excitement, however, recently I’m even more grateful to come home to a space that allows me to shut off for an hour and recharge. With the help of Target’s new Project 62 Fall Collection, I’ve created a space that emanates a sense of calm, serenity, and quiet. The pieces within the collection align seamlessly with my design aesthetic, adding the perfect touch of simplicity and charm to my bathroom.

I think we all need a space like this to operate at our best!

Who’s with me??


“Study Nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

Inspired by the Five Elements of Feng Shui, (wood // fire // earth // metal // water), I designed this space to feel balanced, serene and comfortable. Each one of the Five Elements invokes its own sense of calm and serenity, with the pieces from Project 62’s Fall Collection enhancing the desired ‘zen’ experience. The collection incorporates color combinations, various organic shapes and several textures, supporting my overall design intention; I feel immersed in nature even in own home! I’m thrilled to share my favorite tips on how you too can create a similar experience in your space:

TIP 1// Wood

When designing with the wood element, create shapes that embody the vertical stance of a tree and the elegance of its greenery. Placing a plant or a bundle of fresh flowers in an organically shaped vase or vessel can really liven up your space. Incorporating towels or mats made of natural fabrics will also help in bringing the outside in.

TIP 2// Fire

The fire element encourages boldness and inspiration in your peaceful space. Place your favorite candle on the cylinder stool, let that warm light shine on your pretty face, relax and read a good book. Or even better, dream a little bit! Recharge in your little oasis by allowing yourself to get away from everyday pressures and stresses (IE: No electronics allowed!). (Unless you’re sitting in the tub reading this… then carry on!) 😉

TIP 3// Earth

When incorporating just the right amount of the earth element your space will feel grounded, balanced and stable. This can be achieved by integrating earth tones, square objects and greenery throughout the space. If you’re like me and need some faux greenery (personally, it’s the only kind I can “keep alive”) 😉 go for it! No shame in our game!

TIP 4// Metal

The metal element affects logic and mental clarity. You can enhance your tranquil space with metal by adding curved shapes, mixed metal details (gold, silver, aluminum, iron), objects that mimic stone or rock, or paint it all white! You can choose a warmer shade of white (like the one I used in my space), which lends a very soothing effect.

TIP 5// Water

When including the water element in your designs use black or dark tones to highlight little details. Utilizing reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, free-form objects or calming water features will help you feel balanced and insightful while spending time in your space. And of course, sitting in a warm bathtub doesn’t hurt!