Concrete Wall Finish

You have asked – and you shall receive! The Concrete “SureCrete” Wall process used in a number of our Restored by the Fords projects is finally being revealed by one of our trusted carpenters, Bobby.  See this easy and super dreamy wall process below:

Step 1 // Product

The product you need is SureCrete Suretex Knockdown Overlay – Found here
Then add a 1 White Pack to every bag of SureTex – Found here

Step 2 // Process

  • Mix white pack into water – just use a little to blend the powder
  • Mix this into the SureTex – pancake batter consistency
  • I use drywall knifes and pan to spread over walls starting from the bottom with drywall knife and pulling the mix straight up the wall – I will fan it on the wall also.
  • Try doing random spots on the walls to get different variations of color/texture.
  • Warning: Its very messy so don’t be alarmed.

Step 3 // Finish

The final step is to go back after it sets and knock down high spots with a drywall knife.
Once this is done, I use Thompson’s Concrete Sealer to seal it (especially in bathrooms).