The Collins Project Part II // Source Guide


After the first round of design for our Restored By The Fords show, the Collins Family asked us back to design the rest of their home. We were thrilled seeing as part of that project was their inground inside pool! I was dying to get my hands on that thing! I wanted to paint it black so badly… which turns out is kind of hard to do… but of COURSE we figured it out and brought the pool up to par with the rest of the beautiful space.

I also love the bathrooms that we created for this home. The kids room floor tile was a fun design friendly budget friendly solution. We used two different colors of hex to create some interest in there.

And then of course we have the master bathroom! Where they let me put a bathroom island! That was FUN to do. And I love how this place turned out. It really felt like a spa in there. I know we all say that about all of our bathroom designs, but this one was serenity times ten!

The master bedroom wall had “fake styrofoam style stone” on the walls which looked dingy and dated. But with a fresh coat of paint they were good as new. We kept them for added texture. And I think the white paint really modernized that wall.

Love, Lee.



White Linen Chair // Weisshouse – Found here
Floor Lamp // Tristate, Vintage
Wooden Chest // Vintage
Horse Artwork // Courtney Green Photography – Found here
Marble Accessory // Weisshouse – Found here



Brass Floor Mirror // RH Modern brass floor mirror – Similar here
Chandelier // Dutton Brown via Etsy, Model Discontinued
Shower Heads // Delta, Trinsic in Champagne Bronze – Found here
Tub Faucet // Delta, Trinsic deck mounted roman tub filler in Champagne Bronze – Found here
Marble Sinks // Virtu – Found here
Faucets // Delta – Found here
Toilet // Kohler – Found here



Black Wire Chairs // HomeGoods, Not Available
Cowhide // Weisshouse – Found here
Beaded Vase // HomeGoods, Not Available
White and Cream Paper Lanterns // Paper Lantern Store – Found here.