Coffee Wall Wash

My husband drinks the strongest pour-over coffee, and he never finishes the Chemex, so I started pouring the leftover brew into a jar.

One day I took it over to the cottage and just rubbed it on the walls. When I came back the next day, it had set in rather, um, intensely, and I sat there thinking, Did I just ruin this project? But it actually came out beautifully. The glow that comes off of them is flattering. It was a cheap and easy way to create a very beautiful wall treatment. 

Here’s the process:


  • Coffee! Note: you can play with the darkness/lightness of the coffee finish by adjusting the coffee/water ratio
  • Old rag
  • Cover any areas you don’t want to get coffee on with drop cloths or plastic sheeting and painters tape
  1. For a soft cloudy coffee, haze look: moisten the rag with coffee, wring out excess and apply in circular motions over the wall surface
    For a more dramatic streaked effect: soak the rag with coffee, squeeze the rag against the wall surface allowing the coffee to drip and trickle down the wall
    Note: This is MESSY and smells GREAT
  2. Once the coffee-stained wall is dry you can repeat Step 1 if desired or seal with a clear matte sealer to protect the finish (note I’m not sure if we sealed the walls in the cottage).
  3. Watch the tutorial below to see the process!