Cheese Boards

Table for 15, please!

As the world begins to show a glimmer of a chance of opening back up sooner than later we look ahead to the fate of the DINNER PARTY. A place to spend time together. To create your own ambiance, dim your own lighting, play your own music, and for this week’s clients… make your own fancy meals. Or maybe “fancy” isn’t the word so much… we don’t call it “crudités” in Pittsburgh, we don’t even call it “charcuterie” around here. We call it “Meat and Cheese” and we get you right to the point.

That wasn’t the only thing that was simplified in this project. It was about clean Scandinavian lines mixed with no-nonsense natural elements all wrapped up to create a new vision of a very very old home.

So dive in as we show you our best and favorite cheese boards (we begged steve to make some more and he politely said “heck no!”) and as we give you the music and the source guides to get this project and this party started.

Because around here we can never have too many cutting boards, too many sinks, or too much green!


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