Bowls on Tables — Trinkets in Bowls

I started to notice early on that I always seem to have “my thing” – common themes that keep appearing as the projects keep progressing. No matter what style the home is. And aside from the obvious #white paint, shelfies and wearing black 😉 – I’ve noticed I have a love of bowls – and the different trinkets I put in them! So, this week get ready for #pretty #things in pretty bowls. The ideas keep coming!


This vintage bench from (my now husband) Erik’s house former bachelor pad topped with vintage books and a ceramic bowl filled with stuff that was laying around his house, leather swatches and doorknobs was the perfect of random and whimsey!


This wood table goes everywhere with me. Living on a vintage moroccan rug the color story is a match made in heaven. I filled the one of a kind ceramic bowl I found on my travels with some fresh flowers, my awesome little marble egg, and some very hippie dippy crystals!


We made up our OWN coffee table using this raw wood base found at ‘Venice Vintage Paradise’ and topped it with brass trays. It’s the perfect platter for My friend Erik’s favorite Palo Santo … and I always love a bowl of matches!


We all have a drawer full of currency from our travels that we never quite got around to cashing in – so why not use them for art! They add a little color! (Euros are especially pretty) and match the crystals next to it. Tip: Save those fortunes from your fortune cookies and add those for a little extra magic.


When in doubt – add Sage! Keep it simple, eclectic, and meaningful. Also this is another one of my all time favorite slab table side tables on a white moroccan fur rug.


My grandma used to collect matches from all of the beautiful places she went. I used to love (ok still do) looking at all the designs and names on them. And now I have taken on the tradition of matchbooks, grabbing (too many) from my favorite hotels, restaurants and bars. They are so nostalgic and tell a story. Placed in a bowl on top of a beautiful wood table next to candles invites the mood and is a great conversation starter.