Art I love and How To Display It

Art, next to lighting, is one of my favorite ways to decorate and finish off a house. The piece de resistance. When asked where I source it all, the lines get blurry. Some are found in random vintage shops on my travels or from adventures along the way, some are artists I have met locally in whatever city I may be, some are favorites I use often, and others I have created myself!

Along with which art I like best, I also have unique and fun ways of displaying it (and on the cheap). Below are some of my favorite pieces and where to buy them as well as different ways to display them.

xo Lee

Lean & Layer

Take some of your faves, frame them, and just place them on the ground leaning against the wall and layer them a bit. Even try it onto of a piano! I love this way, especially fro people who have a hard time committing. No holes in the wall, and easy to move around!

Drape It

I come across beautiful blankets and tapestries pretty enough to hang…so I do! If it makes you feel good, it will look good! This was a charcoal drawing on a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot.

Splurge on Artists You Swoon For

I have so many favorite artists, but there are a couple ladies I’ve featured a lot in my homes. Valenti Studios and Angela Allen. Their pieces have their own wall, and are keepsakes for life.

A few I love listed below:

Jackie Leishman – Click here
Elissa Barber – Click here
Carolyn Kelley – Click here
Cartorialist – Click here


Click here to purchase her work


Click here to purchase her work

Make A Collage

Take all of your favorite pictures, images, graphics, tokens, posters ANYTHING and layer them how ever your heart desires on a big blank wall. Think of it as your inspiration board – a collection of moments that bring you joy.

If You Can’t Buy It, Make It

I have done this with a few clients, but kids art, is the best kind. This beauty we hung above the fireplace was done with an inexpensive canvas, some black paint, my clients child, and a little spin art!

Tear Out Of Books

Who says geography is for grade school? I found this beautiful vintage atlas and tore out some of the pages and just hung them on the wall as an art installation. Anything can be art!

Light Bright

Nothing says custom like a neon sign of your own. They add some mood lighting, they are different and you can make them however you want. These come in on the pricier side but last a lifetime!

Quote Posters

Words are priceless. I love inexpensive posters that have quirky, unique sayings that leave a positive impression. I find them through artists I know, and I made some myself!

Poster from Society6 by Wolf + Friends – Click here

Poster by ME for Compress Merch – Click here